Hello Rockers!

Last night we had the band for the first time. There were STELLAR! Of course it wasn’t flawless but as a COMPANY, SO many people stepped up. It was awesome to see. The cogs started turning, and the show really was happening. Tonight is no different except we’re gonna raise the bar. Each time we do it we’re gonna raise the stakes and connect more. That’s when this experience teaches us the most. Through the headache of stop and start and singing out, and falling out of scenes for technical stuff. I think that’s when I learn the most about my character. I get to ponder a little while we reset and get it ready.

I like getting to fine tune. Each time you do it full out you learn SO much more about the character.

And when the audience gets there?

You’re loving your job.


DeMarius R. Copes

Check out the smooth-singing, high note wailing, hip-hop dancing DeMarius Copes, as he plays the smooth-singing, high note wailing, Hip-Hop dancing Luke Williams, leader of Camp Star. Worked with him in Hairspray with Red Mountain Theatre Company, he’s the real deal.