Hey Rockers!

So today was our LAST rehearsal at Shades Valley.

Tomorrow we begin the hardest/most rewarding part of this ENTIRE process. TECH WEEK!!!!!


I’m very excited, as always, to be returning to the VST. I love the space and have had some of my most thrilling and special theater moments. Its always good to be in a familiar setting. I can’t wait to get the band, that’s when EVERYBODY is ready to

belting cue.

Tear it Down…

Also, dressing room assignments. Everybody loves that.

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Today, is Ryan J. Swain! HE plays Sander in this show! One of the Camp Rockers ready to step up to sing and dance for his crew. if only real life were like this! Ryan and I were in Hairspray together and it was stellar working with him! He’s hilarious and very talented! Make sure you check him out!


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