Hey Rockers!

Today was quite a groovy day. For one thing, the AC was on which makes everyone more pleasant. Also, I must say its really good getting to fine tune aspects of the show.

We went back to dance studio again today, it was great laughing with the cast about our silly antics but ALSO being able to get real work done. And I can’t get in trouble for encouraging because Carl joined in a time or two. Also, the mirror told me that my “Rock-star” dance, isn’t as cool as I thought it was.

I really enjoy how we’re all beginning to click! Let’s continue to Rock ON!


Peace out you rockers. Way passed my bedtime.


“Meet the Cast”

So, today we’re doing the Diva-licious Miss TESS! Played by Shades Valley’s Haley Baker! Haley is rocking her socks off at rehearsal. Everyday she finds little ways to make the character hers. Luckily Haley is WAY easier to talk to than (I imagine) Tess would be. She’s in fact incredibly approachable and likes laughing. She’s brings the moves, the voice and KILLS the sass as Tess! Make sure you keep up with her on the Twitter! @Haleybaker25