Hey Rockers!

So today I broke a major personal rule! I watched the movie version of the show I’m doing.

Camp Rock 2 isn’t so bad. I enjoyed most of it! The one thing I MOST excited about is that when WE sing, it actually IS us singing.. not some digital mess that used to sound like us. Also, when we sing it LOOKS like we’re singing. Several times in the movie (Mostly ANYTHING with Nick Jonas) it didn’t look like the actors’ lips were even moving along in the correct place. But OH the power of film. There are SO many cool transitions that are only able to be accomplished on camera. Such is life. OUR show, however, is quite spiffy with how quickly the story moves. The key is keeping our energy up. Cause in the 90 min version, there is NO down time. Even the black outs are energetic.


The great thing about high energy shows is the SLEEP you have after a show night đŸ˜‰



Today is Douglas Coughlan.

He’s our quirky, fun loving, karate chopping Jason. This is his first time on stage and I have to say, he’s learning a WHOLE lot all at one time. When you are in a CD show, you have to be able to run sometimes before you walk. That’s the level Carl commands out of his performers. Douglas is def working his butt off and his performance as Jason will be a testament to how hard he’s worked. He’s totally dedicated to the music and its really fun to cut up with him ! Check him out!


Also, be sure to tell Douglas to get a twitter so we can follow him!

Twitters: #teamcamprock