Hey Rockers!

Today marked a big day! We did a run-through of the show for the first time. Although it wasn’t perfect, it was AWESOME getting to see how it all works together. Really cool things are being done in this show. One really fun thing for me has been growing closer to my cast mates. Some of whom I’ve know for YEARS but have never worked with. Of course working with Carl Dean is always a treat. The man is his own quirky little genius. He knows what he wants even if he’s not the best at putting it into words. What we do when we step on the stage is magical, especially when you find your comfort zone. We get to try new things, sing new song, and dance new dances. Its quite remarkable.

Its truly awesome to get to experience the new show all the way through for the first time. I’m so glad we got through it!!!!

Getting to perform rock musicals should almost be outlawed.Β  The truth is, if you mess during the choreography, you can step touch with attitude and it looks like you’re doing it right. Wave your hands and close your eyes.. its not like being the only person falling out of a Ballet number. Just saying.



So let’s talk about today’s cast member. Anna Grace Barlow. She’s quite a special lady. Incredibly talented, and a consummate professional. Its been great working with her because there is a lot of give and take with her on stage. You can both allow yourselves to connect when you work with people who are WILLING to connect back. No doubt a future star! πŸ™‚ Oh yea, and she’s one beautiful gal, too. πŸ˜‰


And here is the first Cast Member on our list! Stick around daily for more info!



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Peace and Blessings Rockers!