Hey Rockers!

Sorry I’ve been MIA. This weekend was GREAT! Strong opening! All of our work has come together. Its so great to have an opening weekend and get that EXCITED audience. The audiences were great! I hope this week is SLAMMED with people. I have to say, we are gelling more and more, and if you’ve seen it already, come again. We’re stepping up the bar daily, and having fun while we do it! I’m so glad to be with a cast that is willing to discover new things daily.

Right now, we’re on a break. Thursday we get back in there, run through certain aspects and ROCK! I am thinking Shane might play a little air guitar in the back corner sometime. See if you notice. SEE YOU THERE!

Make sure you stay tuned for the FINAL WEEKEND!



Wow, just got off work. I have to wake up at 3:45 to be at the bakery. Good thing is I’m off at 1. Plus, Its full time which gives me time to rehearse!


So This is for MADISON! I want you guys to check her out! First time I met her, she was 3 feet tall, and was belting her head off to Jason Robert Brown. She’s the bomb.com!! Check her out!


Hello Rockers!

Last night we had the band for the first time. There were STELLAR! Of course it wasn’t flawless but as a COMPANY, SO many people stepped up. It was awesome to see. The cogs started turning, and the show really was happening. Tonight is no different except we’re gonna raise the bar. Each time we do it we’re gonna raise the stakes and connect more. That’s when this experience teaches us the most. Through the headache of stop and start and singing out, and falling out of scenes for technical stuff. I think that’s when I learn the most about my character. I get to ponder a little while we reset and get it ready.

I like getting to fine tune. Each time you do it full out you learn SO much more about the character.

And when the audience gets there?

You’re loving your job.


DeMarius R. Copes

Check out the smooth-singing, high note wailing, hip-hop dancing DeMarius Copes, as he plays the smooth-singing, high note wailing, Hip-Hop dancing Luke Williams, leader of Camp Star. Worked with him in Hairspray with Red Mountain Theatre Company, he’s the real deal.


Hey Rockers!

So today was our LAST rehearsal at Shades Valley.

Tomorrow we begin the hardest/most rewarding part of this ENTIRE process. TECH WEEK!!!!!


I’m very excited, as always, to be returning to the VST. I love the space and have had some of my most thrilling and special theater moments. Its always good to be in a familiar setting. I can’t wait to get the band, that’s when EVERYBODY is ready to

belting cue.

Tear it Down…

Also, dressing room assignments. Everybody loves that.

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Today, is Ryan J. Swain! HE plays Sander in this show! One of the Camp Rockers ready to step up to sing and dance for his crew. if only real life were like this! Ryan and I were in Hairspray together and it was stellar working with him! He’s hilarious and very talented! Make sure you check him out!


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Hey Rockers!

Today was quite a groovy day. For one thing, the AC was on which makes everyone more pleasant. Also, I must say its really good getting to fine tune aspects of the show.

We went back to dance studio again today, it was great laughing with the cast about our silly antics but ALSO being able to get real work done. And I can’t get in trouble for encouraging because Carl joined in a time or two. Also, the mirror told me that my “Rock-star” dance, isn’t as cool as I thought it was.

I really enjoy how we’re all beginning to click! Let’s continue to Rock ON!


Peace out you rockers. Way passed my bedtime.


“Meet the Cast”

So, today we’re doing the Diva-licious Miss TESS! Played by Shades Valley’s Haley Baker! Haley is rocking her socks off at rehearsal. Everyday she finds little ways to make the character hers. Luckily Haley is WAY easier to talk to than (I imagine) Tess would be. She’s in fact incredibly approachable and likes laughing. She’s brings the moves, the voice and KILLS the sass as Tess! Make sure you keep up with her on the Twitter! @Haleybaker25








Hey Rockers!

So today I broke a major personal rule! I watched the movie version of the show I’m doing.

Camp Rock 2 isn’t so bad. I enjoyed most of it! The one thing I MOST excited about is that when WE sing, it actually IS us singing.. not some digital mess that used to sound like us. Also, when we sing it LOOKS like we’re singing. Several times in the movie (Mostly ANYTHING with Nick Jonas) it didn’t look like the actors’ lips were even moving along in the correct place. But OH the power of film. There are SO many cool transitions that are only able to be accomplished on camera. Such is life. OUR show, however, is quite spiffy with how quickly the story moves. The key is keeping our energy up. Cause in the 90 min version, there is NO down time. Even the black outs are energetic.


The great thing about high energy shows is the SLEEP you have after a show night 😉



Today is Douglas Coughlan.

He’s our quirky, fun loving, karate chopping Jason. This is his first time on stage and I have to say, he’s learning a WHOLE lot all at one time. When you are in a CD show, you have to be able to run sometimes before you walk. That’s the level Carl commands out of his performers. Douglas is def working his butt off and his performance as Jason will be a testament to how hard he’s worked. He’s totally dedicated to the music and its really fun to cut up with him ! Check him out!


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Twitters: #teamcamprock



Today was a toss up as far as good and bad! We got a complete run-through with MINIMAL stops, and it seemed to be a high energy run. The great thing is we still have a few days before having to move into the Virginia Samford Theater. WE have to set the bar higher every day to make sure WE have the best show possible. Its not quite crunch time… It’s clean time. Crunch time starts Saturday. That’s when all the focus and tediousness of the show turns into annoyance for everyone. NO ONE Likes tech week, unfortunately we have to grin and bear it. Once we open, it ALL becomes worth it!



So how about Jordan Giddens as Nate Grey?! Check out today’s issue of “Meet the Cast”.


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also Carl Dean our AWESOME director and other Camp Rockers!!!